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With reference to the subject and the recent incidents of hostility observed between Russia and Ukraine the U.S. Department of the Treasury imposed a broad-based package of sanctions on entities in the financial services, energy, and arms or related materiel sectors of Russia. Attached you may find announcements of US Treasury sanctions as well as Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List. Furthermore, below you can find a list of banks to which sanction has been imposed from US treasury, similar to the one imposed to SOBINBANK. VTB BANK OF MOSCOW RUSSIAN AGRICULTURE EBANK SEVERNY MORSKOY SMP BANK ROSSELKHOZ BANK, GAZPROM BANK VNESHECONOM BANK In case the situation will be the same with Sobinbank then seamen may have problems with their allotments since there will be a risk for the funds to remain frozen. Considering the above you are kindly requested to inform all Crimean seamen to avoid remittances through any of the banks mentioned above or in the files attached. Furthermore, ask them to contact their relatives prior proceeding to any allotment in order to confirm that sanction has not been imposed to their bank. Finally, please note that he sanctions are issued form different Authorities and is hard to have a conclusive and reliable list of sanctioned Russian Banks taking also into consideration the volatility of the sanctions. Best Regards

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